Why The Original FreeYourPits Movement Died #NotReallyFeminist

The original FreeYourPits movement was started by two bloggers, err well mainly one blogger. Who I don’t really want to name, for reasons you’ll soon discover in this article.

The idea was supposed to be about supporting free-choice to do as you wish, regardless of the social stigma and prejudice that exists.

Let’s face it, there is a stigma about Women who don’t shave their armpits / generally… It’s a great idea to create some noise about that issue…

But as a fan of the movement, I was a little perplexed when the domain was let to expire and no more was really said about it.

The fact is, the movement died because it wasn’t really feminist at all. Here are the reasons why.

5. Feminism Is About Choice

Unfortunately what the movement should have been about was spreading awareness through making a stand, instead it felt like things kind of devolved in to being about women who didn’t shave were better than those who did.

Of course, that’s total bullshit and not a feminist ideal at all. it’s the kind of crap that gives real inclusive feminists a bad name.

As a huge supporter, at least initially of the FreeYourPits Movement, I’ve got to say I was still shaving my armpits, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t approve of the message or admire those who were doing it for a good cause.

4. Feminism Isn’t About Promoting Your Blog

The movement initially got a lot of media coverage, the original site had an entire page dedicated to the press it had received. The original creators of the movement quickly capitalized on that to move eyes to their main blog.

3. Then They Wanted To Profit More

As if using a cause to further your own agenda isn’t bad enough, the original owners then started a store on the original site. It was clear, other than a few meek blog posts they did add to the site, and a few hours spent on Instagram a week that they weren’t really that interested in promoting the movement anymore.

They had their opinion that they were better than those who didn’t shave, and they wanted you to not shave either. Plus, don’t forget to buy our armpit care items from our shop.

That’s when I stopped caring about the movement, as all movements can go bad and this one had. It was no longer about feminism at all, that much was very clear.

2. When The Buzz Died, The Site Was Let Go

In case you’ve never run a site, once you have a theme / design in place, it can cost as little as $10-20 a year to keep a site online.

Letting the site go, clearly showed that the movement didn’t really matter that much to them. Sure the movement had lost positive momentum, probably because of the points above. But still, keeping it online as a resource should not have been a problem to bloggers running a successful site, that presumably profited hugely from the original exposure of the movement.

That is an assumption, but nothing turns a persons head like greed. So if they weren’t getting anything out of the site personally, why did they bleed it dry shortly after receiving all the press they did?

They Never Explained Themselves

They never explained properly why they let the movement die, and I suspect that was because deep down they knew they had fucked up.

I don’t mean to sound sanctimonious, but you don’t generally brush something under the rug unless there is a good reason to.


Why I Revived FYP:

I revived this site because I remember thinking back to when the movement had that initial buzz, to me as a follower of the movement I felt like the message behind what the original founders were saying was a positive one.

That positive message, is something I’ve not seen online from many publications. Even some of the more famed feminist blogs and websites are full of hypocritical double-standards or miss key points.

So this movement, going forward is about awareness and showing kindness. It’s about promoting feminism in a healthier way than before, it’s not so much about actually not shaving your armpits, but if you decide to do that then that’s fine too. It’s your decision and there is no reason why anyone should stop you or make you feel like you shouldn’t.

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