Benefits of Castor Oil

Also known as mole bean, castor oil is used widely for medicinal purposes. Derived from castor seeds, this oil is mostly used to the skin rather than swallowed. However, in certain cases, it can be swallowed as well.

The history

The health and medical benefits of this oil had been discovered centuries ago. Egyptians were the first to understand the importance of castor oil, and since then, many cultures have used castor oil. During the Middle Ages in Europe, this vegetable oil was used a lot as well. It was thought that using this oil helped in consumption of food as well as tissue growth and repair – a trait attributed to the presence of certain beneficial nutrients in the oil.

What do scientists say today?

Scientists have still not gathered sufficient evidence to ensure how far this vegetable oil can cure a disease. However, even then, scientists have used castor oil as means to deliver some chemotherapy drugs. In fact, a special formula for castor oil has been designed as well, called the Cremophor EL. Paclitaxel is a drug that is used to treat different tumors like breast tumor. It is also used as an ingredient in some hair conditioners and skin products today.

The importance of castor bean to treat cancer has been under study as well. Early research indicates that ricin, a poison produced by the castor bean can treat lymphoma patients by combining with an antibody to shrink the tumors.

Things to know

The uses of this oil have been varied and for some of the purposes. People have taken it through the ages, and have witnessed its usefulness for their own. If you take castor oil by mouth, it works as a laxative as well as helps during constipation. If you apply this oil to the skin, it can help fight problems like wrinkles, moles and even acne. It is said to treat eye and skin conditions as well as help in hair growth.

It is said to dissolve cysts as well as warts and other tumors. Some claim that using castor oil may cure HIV as well though this claim is unsubstantiated for the sole fact that HIV is a recent disease and the actual benefit of castor oil to treat such a severe disease is now known.

Normally, this oil is massaged on the body along the spine and abdomen or swallowed with warm water.

The oil is a vegetable oil removed from the beans of the castor plant. This thick, pale yellow oil is among the most ancient oils, known for its therapeutic properties. It is consumed the whole world for its medicinal properties. This oil is enriched with Vitamin E, proteins, minerals, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which make it perfect for all kinds of ailments.

As a home remedy, this oil can be applied to various problems and ailments. It not only helps deal with health related problems but it also beneficial for skin, hair, joints and intestines.

For Skin Problems

Castor oil has been proved to be a boon for skin problems such as acne, sunburn, boils, stretch marks, dry skin, abrasions, itching and many other skin issues. It has an organic emollient that penetrates deep into the skin and helps speed the process of collagen which hydrates the skin and keeps it soft and smooth it rejuvenates the skin and prevents aging, fine lines, and wrinkles too.

For Joint Health

Castor oil is blessed with anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce inflammation and swelling of joints and tissues. When applied to painful areas, it provides relief from the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

For Constipation

This oil is also known for its laxative benefits. When taken orally, it releases ricinoleic acids in the intestines as a result cures constipation.

For Allergies

This oil helps in getting rid of warts corns, and moles. Using it is believed to help dissolve cysts in the ovary as it has fatty acids that get absorbed by the skin. It also strengthens immunity; this oil has been used for both internally and externally health benefits.

For Other Problems

Itl has been found to help with many everyday problems such as Infections, Gastro intestine, Migraines, Athlete Foot, Ringworm, Inflammation and much more.

For Cuts and Wounds

Uses of castor oil on skin keeps the skin hydrated and free from infections. It is applied to clear ringworm disease. It also heals cuts and wounds. It can help treat severe diaper rashes in babies too.

Hair is an integral part that enhances the beauty of a face. If your hair is tall and strong, you can go for any style that suits your face or personality the best. Healthy hair immediately catches everybody’s attention. Therefore, for every woman, its care is important.

Nowadays, due to the hectic lifestyle and work pressure, every woman faces problems. But this time it is to bid goodbye to all your hair problems by availing the importance of castor oil. Read on to find out what castor oil can do for you.

Why Use It?

Though castor oil is thick and it is a tad bit difficult to remove, the benefits it provides make up for the extra effort. It consists of proteins, vitamins, and minerals that are necessary for its growth. It also has anti-fungal property.

Hair Regrowth

It plays a significant role in hair regrowth. When you gently massage it into the scalp, it boosts blood circulation in the follicle which further leads to hair growth in a short span of time. This oil is also rich in omega-6 fatty acid which is required for hair growth. Not all castor oil is the best for hair regrowth so you should find out here what the best castor oil is for you.

Stop Hair Breakage and Bring Down Split Ends

Split ends and hair breakage are symptoms of unhealthy hair. Castor oil contains important nutrients like omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E, amino acids, which are helpful in preventing split ends as same as hair breakage. When you rub the oil on your scalp, it helps in the smoothening of the cracked hair shells.

Combats Scalp Infection

It also hampers hair growth. Therefore, it is of prime importance to treat the bald patches to prevent hair loss. It’s antibacterial property fights with micro-organisms and pathogens which cause such problems.

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